Develop Confident and Credible Job Applicants

Help graduating students become successful job seekers by offering IBISWorld reports as a tool to prepare for job applications and interviews. Our reports provide real-world use of the education your students have gained at university. Demonstrating current knowledge of a hiring firm, its competitors and the industry in which it operates allows a candidate to speak with confidence and credibility in an interview.

Independent and Accurate Research

IBISWorld reports are based on official and neutral data sources, such as the Office for National Statistics and Companies House. Each report is revised one to four times per year, so you’ll always find up-to-date information. We fully explain our data and forecasts, so your students will understand how an industry works from the inside out.

Save on Research Time with our Uncomplicated Format

Our in-depth research on hundreds of UK industries is easily accessible on our website. Students can save time on research because all IBISWorld Industry Reports follow a user-friendly format. They can quickly compare and benchmark industry data and find answers effortlessly.

Additional Products

In addition to our library of UK Industry Reports, we continue to expand our international collection with Global, US, Australia, Canada and China Industry Reports.

We also offer our exclusive Brexit Impact Statements to help you understand the short- and long-term effects of the UK’s exit from the European Union.

Businesses find IBISWorld’s Risk Rating Reports helpful. They provide a numerical score to help you immediately understand the opportunities or threats relevant to an industry.

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Download a PDF summary, which outlines how IBISWorld reports will help your students thrive by offering independent and accurate information in an easy-to-use online format. The reports and analysis will support them in their coursework and prepare them for job applications and interviews.

Media Centre

The IBISWorld Media Centre features articles and spotlight reports to help you identify opportunities and stay up-to-date on current industry trends.