There are many ways marketing teams benefit from IBISWorld’s industry research, including:

  • (a)

    Identify Target Markets– Measure the size of promising markets and industry verticals, see how a product or service fits in the real world and dive into details on the links in the supply chain that get the product to the customer.

  • (b)

    Segment your customers– With information on industry, size, location and more

  • (c)

    Find New Business– Determine industry characteristics that fit your target markets and consumer ‘pain points’ to guide business development personnel to potential clients.

  • (d)

    Increase the value of your customer and prospect files– Fill in critical missing information, like industry codes, industry revenue growth and risks, cost and profit benchmarks and major player market share.

  • (e)

    Gain and maintain a competitive edge– Differentiate yourself in the marketplace with insight on company strategies, revenue forecasts and progressive industry risk scores.

Additional Products

In addition to our library of UK Industry Reports, we continue to expand our international collection with Global, US, Australia, Canada and China Industry Reports.

We also offer our exclusive Brexit Impact Statements to help you understand the short- and long-term effects of the UK’s exit from the European Union.

Businesses find IBISWorld’s Risk Rating Reports helpful. They provide a numerical score to help you immediately understand the opportunities or threats relevant to an industry.

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Download a PDF summary, which briefly explains how IBISWorld Industry Reports supports Marketing with identifying target markets, finding new business and stay ahead of the competition.

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